Gwanghwa island [Intensive Korean Camp]

In July, 2012, after the 4th session of MANNAM Korean class, we went to Gwanghwa island near by Seoul. The weather was really sunny just like all Mannamers’ passion. I will share some of great memories that we have made during the camp with you.

As soon as we arrived at the camp place, we unpacked then got ready for volunteering work for the village.
There are not many young people in this town and we were so glad that we could help them.

Some of Students had to get into the muddy field, but there was no hesitation at all. They pulled up all the weed in the field. Through this work, they all showed the real MANNAM spirit.

“When Light meets Light there is  Victory. “

Fun Game time in the mud!!

During the piggy-back riding marathon, someone was falling down to the ground, but she said it wasn’t hurt at all, because she could make all people laugh.





Don’t forget! It’s “Intensive Korean Camp”. 😛
Time for studying Korean.

Camp Fire. Marsh mellows. and nice people around.

after the camp….
Thanks for messages 🙂

July 7, 2012


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