[Session5_1A] Field trip to Namseong(남성) Market

The students of level 1A class and the teacher went to a field trip to Namseong Traditional Korean Market near Isu Station to practice Korean expressions and counters what they learned.
There were so many things in the market, so we were able to see a lot of Korean traditional food and so on.


Students were a little bit nervous and excited because they had to speak in Korean with Korean people.


Rohini was looking at her favorite place.


Ben thought that everything in the market was interesting. And he also bought some seaweed there since it was his favorite.



Rohini asked the owner with the full of confidence.

이게 뭐예요? (What’s this?)
오징어 한 마리 얼마예요? (How much is one squid?)


We all took turns to practice and speak out loud in Korean.
And we also shared how we felt about the field trip afterwards.


The students said that it was very difficult.
But today, we had a great time to study Korean for sure.

1A class Isu Trad Market
May 26, 2012


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