[Session6_1A] Go Inside Mannam Korean Class !

Today, let’s have a look at how the Mannam Korean class students are doing in their classes!
We have looked into the level_1 class!

This is a picture of a friend from Rwanda and a friend of Jacqueline’s from South Africa talking to each other.

These are friends from India who love Korean language. They are busy housewives who have to look after their children and husbands, but they also study Korean very hard.

Paulo from Philippines is also practicing speaking Korean.

After class, the students are having conversation with teachers in Korean, having coffee.

Even after the class, the students enjoy talking to the teachers^^

A primary school teacher Jacqueline from America is memorizing the vocabulary! She is studying so hard that she doesn’t even notice whether her picture is being taken.

Gokula is wiping the white board after the class. Thank you Gokula šŸ™‚

They won’t probably know even until now that their pictures are being taken.

Nov 3, 2012
Mannam Korean Class [Isu Center]


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