Seodaemun Prison History Hall(서대문 형무소) Field Trip

In Mannam korean class, we went to Seodaemun Prison History Hall.

Kwan sun Yoo, who passed away in the Seodaemun Prison (1902-1920)

“Even if my nails are being pulled out, my ears and nose being cut, my hands and legs swollen, I can endure them. Yet I cannot endure the pain of losing a country. The only sadness I have is that I have only one life to sacrifice for my country.” (Yoo Kwan-Sun’s will)

This is a place filled with pictures who have been imprisoned in the Seodaemun Prison. There are so many patriotic activists who sacrificed their lives.

Korean flag in the beginning days

This is a place where people are being tortured.
They were being tortured with the stick hung on the wall.

Only about 70 years ago, people were imprisoned, tortured, and died here in this place because they fought for their independence.

Seodaemun Prison History Hall conveyed the hearts and minds of the patriotic activists who loved their country, Korea.

We took a picture together in the big Korean flag.

Nov 17, 2012


[Seodaemun Prison History Hall ]

1. Address
120-080(101, Hyeongeo-dong) Uljiro 247, Seodaemun-gu Seoul, Korea

2. Opening Hour
– Summer season(Mar.~Oct.):09:30~18:00
– Winter season(Nov.~Feb.):09:30~17:00
– Closed on:Jan.1, New Year’s Day, Full-moon Festival, and every Monday

3. Admission Fee
Adults(Over19~Under64)  : 1,500won
Teenagers(Over13~Under18)  : 1,000won
Children(Over7~Under12)  : 500won
Children(Under 6) :  Free
Senior citizens  : Free


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