The best Free Korean class

The mannam Korean class provides an excellent introduction for beginners. It covers the Korean alphabet, both written and spoken, using fun – and challenging – activities using listening, writing, reading and speaking.

The class also introduces beginners to some conversation basic like introducing yourself, asking people’s names, telling where you are from, and asking where something is. You will also learn some basic vocabulary that will be quite useful for your everyday life. You will be excited when you realize that you’ve already picked up a word or phrase, or can pick
it out in conversations.

Also, the teachers are great and seem happy to answer any questions you might have – no matter how rudimentary (or advanced). Everyone in the Mannam group is supportive of your Korean language learning, and it is a great place to meet new people as you begin to learn the language.

Mannam Korean Class Guro center / Carrie Lawler(USA)
10 Oct, 2012


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