[Easy Korean] Unit 4 Numbers

Koreans use 2 different sets of cardinal  numbers, depending on the situation- native Korean numbers and sino(Chinese)-Korean numbers. There are cases where sino-Korean numbers are used, cases where native Korean numbers are used, and there are also some cases where sino-Korean numbers and native Korean numbers are used together.

Sino-Korean numbers
– Sino-Korean numbers are used for price, phone number, bus number, date, minutes.


얼마예요[eal-ma-ye-yo]? : How much is ~?
The expression ‘얼마예요’ is used to ask about the price of an item, Sino-Korean numbers are used to answer this question.

A: 이 가방이 얼마예요? : How much is this bag?
     i   ga-bang-i   eal-ma-ye-yo

B: 이에요. : It’s 70,000 won.
    chil-man-won  i-e-yo

~[won] : Korean won(KRW)

In contrast to English, the base for counting large numbers in Korean is 10,000(만), For example, 1,000,000(백만) is expressed as 100(백) ten thousand(만).


Native Korean numbers
– Korean numbers are used for hours, age.


A: 이에요? : How old are you?
    myut-sal  i-e-yo

B: 스물 이에요. : I am twenty-three years old.
    su-mul  se-sal   i-e-yo

~[sal] : counter for age


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