Delivering Briquettes Volunteering

Mannam Volunteer Association,
delivered 2500 briquettes to 25 households of Sewoogae village
– New Year’s bow in Hanbok, Tteokguk sharing for warm holiday


Greeting the New Year of 2013, the largest volunteer association Mannam visited Sewoogae village located Seoul Joongrang-gu Shinnae1-dong on 26th January. They delivered the briquettes and shared New Year’s greetings, and tteokguk with the elders.

Even though the severe cold below zero temperatures, 48 members of Mannam from 13 countries delivered 2500 briquettes to 25 low-income households struggling the winter.

The briquettes are dominated voluntarily by Mannam Korean Class as well as the foreign members from the different countries.


Especially on this day, the national broadcasting station MBC ‘나누면 행복, 희망일촌’ came and reported the volunteering work. And the interviews were impressive to share the warm hearts and the love towards the elders.





The elders of Sewoogae senior center were surprised of the taste of tteokguk made by the foreigners and ate deliciously.


The more impressive was the bow to the elders in beautiful hanbok. The members were not familiar with the Korean traditional way of bowing but we could feel warm hearts.




The members delivered in earnest starting from 1:00pm.

Despite the cold weather and it was hard to deliver the heavy briquettes, the members were bright without any backbreaking look.




The residents who received the briquettes showed the thankfulness to the members saying “We can spend the warm New Year holidays with the donated briquettes from Mannam Volunteer Association. And we also hope they only have the good experience while in Korea.”


Jan 26, 2013


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