Thanks Mannam

I heard about Mannam from a group “Indians in Korea”. Right from the initial online enquiries Mannam made me feel welcome, wanted and accommodating all my needs. When I came here, I found the teachers here are very supportive and readily teach you even the fundamentals. Whenever I was not able to attend the class, the teachers where more than accommodating with extra class in order ensures I fully understood the lessons. Especially I like the way our teacher Jasmine Lee taught us 1A level and enjoyed all the practical lessons. Another remarkable thing is their timing. Mannam follows a disciplined approach and stick to the time schedule, which shows they are serious about what they do. Even the teachers here are punctual. They emphasize on practical knowledge which is crucial for language learning. Teachers are the best and so are the staff members who are always around to assist you. When my friends ask for information about Korean class, I usually recommend Mannam only. I regard all at Mannam as true friends and regularly keep in touch & will remain doing so even after going to India…Thanks

Mannam Korean Class ISU center / Kamini Bagul(India)
07 Feb, 2013


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