[Session7_Basic] Study Korean with fun Games

Let’s see what happens in Off-line Mannam Korean Basic Class this week.

We have studied so hard, and finally we are able to read and write Korean now.
Today, we will study more for reading, writing and listening some of new vocabulary with whispering game.

Teacher Lynda is explaining the rules of the game to the students.

Phil, Focus! 😛

First of all, we divide all the students into two teams, and the person at the end of the line gets the vocab card from Lynda.

And this person has to whisper the new word to the person in front with whispering. Then the second person needs to whisper again to the person in front of him/her. After keeps whispering and whispering,,

The person at the end has to write down the word that he hears from other people on the board.

After writing down the word, again, he has to go to the end of the line and will be the one who gets the card from teacher.

When everyone has their turn, the game will be finished and Lynda will give us the points.

And the answers of today were,

“곰[gom]:bear/ 말[mal]:horse/ 꽃[kkot]:flower/ 이름[ireum]:name/친구[chin-gu]:friend”

After we finished the game, we sat down again and reviewed over all the right answers as well as mistakes. Studying with the game is much more fun and much easier to memorize new words than just sitting on the chair.

Amazing students of Mannam Korean class!

They rock!! ^_^

Feb 23, 2013
Mannam Korean Class [Guro Center]    


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