Odusan Unification Observatory(통일전망대) Field Trip

To commemorate the day which Korea became independent, March 1st, 1919, Mannam Korean class has decided to go to the “Unification Observatory” located at Paju.

We took a bus (number 200) at Hapjeong station at 12pm to go to Paju.

First, we ate a delicious luch at famous noodle place there.


Then we rode a shuttle bus and got to the Observatory within 5 minutes!!


With EXCITEMENT, we took a group picture~ 찰칵~ 😉 !

The first thing we saw when we got to the Observatory was a statue of Mansik Cho. Mansik Cho is known as a Gandhi of Chosun dynasty. Youra teacher introduced Mansik Cho to us in English!

Mansik Cho (1883~1950): a Korean Independent Activist, an educator during the Japan colonization period, a Civil Rights Group member, and a politician.

We toured inside the observatory too! We looked through pictures and videos of Korean War. Some students who were newly introduced about Korean war were amazed and listened very carefully to the explanations.

When we went to the second floor, we were able to see a 20-minutes video clip which depicted the lives of the North Korea people.

There were many miniatures and little modeled shapes of the land during the Korean War on the third오전01:06   상대방 : and fourth floor. It was explained in various languages!

After we have looked around, we went down to underground floor and saw some souvenir of North Korea.


After all the schedules were over, we waited for our bus to come. Since it was very windy and cold outside, we went inside. We were all chatting 🙂

Although we live in a very abundant environment compared to the past, it was good to observe how Korea was once wounded by war and hunger.

[Student’s review]
When one nation in this planet suffer, others suffer as well.
Especially, if they share the same language, history, and blood line. That’s what MANNAM proven to me at the Unification Observatory. I wish that Korea return as it was before 100years ago, one nation.


-Ismail from Saudi Arabia

1 Mar, 2013



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