[Easy Korean] Unit 9 Present Progressive -고 있어요


* Vocabulary
지금 [ji-geum] : now
음악 [eum-ak] : music
듣다 [deut-dda] : to listen, to hear
어제 [eo-je] : yesterday
토요일 [to-yo-il] : Saturday
영화 [young-hwa] : movie

1. Present Progressive : Verbs Stem + -고 있어요

A : 민우 씨는 지금 뭐 하 있어요? : What is Min-woo doing now?
Min-woo ssi-neun  jigeum mwo  ha-go  i-sseo-yo

B : 집에 가 있어요. : (He) is going home.
Jibe    ga-go    i-sseo-yo

A : 소라 씨는 지금 뭐 하 있어요? : What is So-ra doing now?
So-ra   ssi-neun jigeum mwo  ha-ho   i-sseo-yo

B : 음악을 듣 있어요. : (She) is listening the music.
eumagul   deut-go   i-sseo-yo

2. Past Progressive : Verbs Stem + -고 있었어요

A : 어제 저녁에 뭐 하 있었어요? : What were you doing last night?
eo-je   jeonyeoke  mwo  ha-go  i-sseo-sswo-yo

B : 있었어요. : I was sleeping.
ja-go   i-sseo-sseo-yo

3. Future Progressive : Verbs Stem + -고 있을 거예요

A : 다음 주 토요일에 뭐 하고 있을 거예요? : What will you be doing next Saturday?
dae-um  ju     to-yo-il-e     mwo  ha-go   i-sseul-geo-ye-yo

B : 아마 친구하고 영화를 보 있을 거예요: Maybe I’ll be watching a movie with my friend.
a-ma   chin-gu-ha-go  young-hwa-reul bo-go i-sseul-geo-ye-yo


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