Fun, but serious learning. But fun!

As a Soldier stationed in Korea, I have access to a variety of free Korean language courses and learning materials.  I’ve used them all: classroom education, Rosetta Stone software, learning materials from the Defense Language Institute (who train U.S. military linguists), and learning materials from the Foreign Service Institute (who train U.S. diplomats and spies).  Mannam Korean class is the one study aid I cannot do without.  The curriculum and course materials are time-tested and authored by a local university, the volunteer teachers know their stuff, but most importantly, you really get to take some meaningful steps towards acquiring a new language, instead of just memorizing some useful survival phrases.

What particularly stands out about Mannam Korean class is how much fun I have.  They make it a genuine pleasure to learn Korean, and there are many opportunities to participate in social and volunteer events if you want to.  I find myself eagerly anticipating the end of the week, once a week, when I can take a break from the reality of being a Soldier and immerse myself in language and culture.

It’s been over half a year since I started learning Korean with Mannam.  While I am not yet fluent, several of my friends have noticed my enthusiasm in attending Mannam Korean class and they have since joined the basic class.  I often hear one of them mention to me that he wished I had persuaded him to take these classes earlier.  It’s amazing just how much more enjoyable living Korea can be when you start understanding the language and culture.  Thank you, Mannam teachers, for sharing your culture with me and making my stay in here a more meaningful and pleasant experience.

Mannam Korean Class Guro center / Howard Sun (USA)
3 Apr, 2013


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