[Session7_2A] 단어설명게임

Let’s see what happens in Mannam Korean 2A Class this week.

Today, we studied some vocabulary what we learned in level 2A with the speed game.



This is how to play this game.


1. First of all, we divide all the students into two teams and the leader of each team comes to the front and looks at their team members.



2. The members in each team need to explain the vocab on the board in Korean.



3.The leader needs to give answers about what their team member explain.


4. After we finish the game, we take the seat again and go over all the right answers as well as mistakes.


This time, there were 3 vocabulary given from the teacher.


“같다(To be the same)”, “도착하다(To arrive)”, “구경하다(To look around/ have a look)”

It is difficult to memorize the new vocabulary always, and even harder to explain them in Korean,

However, it’s great time to study with the fun game which is more productive.


If you practice more for explaining some vocabulary in Korean, your Korean will be improved more quickly.

All the best wishes to who studies Korean language. 🙂


Apr 13, 2013
Mannam Korean Class [Guro Center]


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