[Easy Korean] Unit 15 Negative Sentences_안, ~지 않아요

There are two ways in Korean to form negation. ‘안’ and ‘-지 않아요’ are both used to make a negation. The easiest way is to just put the adverb ‘‘ in front of verbs or adjectives. The second way to use the pattern ‘-지 않다‘. This pattern directly followes by verbs or adjectives. So, negation formed by ‘‘ is called ‘short type negation’, and the Negation by ‘-지 않다 is ‘long type negation’.There is no difference in meaning between the form ‘ + verb/adjective’ and the form ‘verb/adjective + –지 않아요‘.

1. 안[an]

1) Verbs :     + verb

  • 봐요 → 봐요 :  do not see
  • 가요 → 가요 :  do not go
  • 먹요 → 먹어요 :  do not eat

   * for ‘noun + 해요’ verbs use : noun + + 해요

  • 요리해요 → 요리 해요 : do not cook 
  • 숙제해요 → 숙제 해요 :  do not do homework 

       안 요리해요(X), 안 숙제해요(X)

2) Adjectives :     + adjective

  • 커요 → 커요 :  is not big
  • 작아요 → 작아요 :  is not small
  • 높아요 → 높아요 :  is not high

2. -지 않아요[-ji a-na-yo]

* The same form is used when the verb/adjective stem ends in a consonant or a vowel.

1) Verbs : verb stem + –지 않아요

  • 보다 → 보지 않아요: do not see
  • 가다 → 가지 않아요: do not go
  • 먹다 → 먹지 않아요: do not eat

2) Adjectives : adjective stem + –지 않아요

  • 크다 → 크지 않아요: is not big
  • 작다 → 작지 않아요: is not small
  • 높다 → 높지 않아요: is not high

3. Special negative counterpats

Some verbs/adjectives have their own special negative counterparts. In these cases 안 or -지 않아요 are not used.

The negative opposite of 있다 is 없다, 이다 is 아니다, 알다 is 모르다.

1) 있다[i-dda] : to exist, to have  ↔  없다[eop-dda] : not to exist, not to have

2) 이다[i-da] : be   ↔  아니다[a-ni-da] : be not

3) 알다[al-da] : to know   ↔  모르다[mo-reu-da] : not to know


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