[Easy Korean] Unit 16 -은/ㄴ : Noun modifier

Korean adjectives are used at the end of a clause or sentence and conjugated like verbs.

The noun modifiers, -은/ㄴare added to adjectives and are always placed before the noun.

1. If the adjective ends in a vowel, -ㄴ is added to the stem, while -은 is added if the adjective ends in a consonant.

작다 : 작 -은작은 방(a small room)
예쁘다 : 예쁜 -ㄴ예쁜 꽃(a pretty flower)

2. -는 is used after -있다, -없다 and compound words like 재미있다, 맛있다.

맛있다 : 맛있 -는맛있는 음식(delicious food)
재미없다 : 재미없 -는재미없는 사람(an uninteresting person)

① 가방[ga-bang] : bag – 크다[keu-da] : big

가방커요  →  가방을 사고 싶어요
The bag is big.                 I’d like to buy a big bag.

② 구두[gu-du] : dress shoes – 작다[jak-dda] : small

구두작아요  →  작은 구두 있어요? 
The shoes are small.             Are there any small shoes?

③ 시계[si-gye] : clock, watch – 비싸다[bi-ssa-da] : expensive

시계비싸요  →  비싼 시계예요. 만지지 마세요
The watch is expensive.      This is a expensive watch. Don’t touch it.

④ 치마[chi-ma] : skirt – 짧다[jjab-dda] : short

치마짧아요  →  짧은 치마를 입지 마세요
The skirt is short.                       Don’t wear the short skirt.

⑤ 음식[eum-sik] : food – 맛있다[ma-ssit-da] : delicious

음식맛있어요  →  맛있는 음식이 먹고 싶어요
The food is delicious.                      I’d like to eat delicious food.

⑥ 영화[young-hwa] : movie – 재미있다[jae-mi-i-dda] : interesting

영화재미있어요   → 재미있는 영화였어요 
The movie is interesting.                  It was an interesting movie.

⑦ 노트북[no-teu-book] : laptop – 가볍다*[ga-byup-da] : light

노트북가벼워요*  →  가벼운* 노트북이 좋아요
The laptop is light.                                   I like a light laptop.

*** ““irregular  :

Many verbs and adjectives whose stem ends with a (as a final consonant) are irregular. When these irregular stems are followed by a vowel, the is dropped and is added to the stem.



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