1. What is the class schedule?

ANSWER: Each class meets on Saturday for 2 hours. Class times vary depending on the level you choose.
*Please check the time table.^^

2. Is it really FREE??

ANSWER: Yes, it is really a FREE class.
The instruction from the experienced teachers (some have been teaching Korean to foreigners for years) is FREE
as they are all volunteers who aim to share MANNAM’s light! (And even hope to make your lives a bit easier in this country we all love).

The textbook, on the other hand, will be purchased by the student.
Textbook titles, costs, and where to purchase shall all be explained in detail at the class orientation.
In addition, there will be a small fee asked of all students to help cover the cost of monthly utilities at our locations.
More will be announced at the orientation.

3. Can I attend more than one class on Saturdays?

ANSWER: No. In order to accommodate all students (and to keep teachers from getting confused), we limit each student to one class.
You will have an opportunity to meet up with the smaller Korean language practice groups during the week.

Please direct all other inquiries to mannamkorean@gmail.com and our staff will be happy to assist you.

~ 감사합니다 ~


4 thoughts on “About KOREAN CLASS

  1. Yes, I can go anytime on the 17th. I registered and chose Imun-1A(11:00-13:00) but I don´t know if this level is the right one for me.

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