Welcome to MANNAM Korean Class!!

MANNAM Korean Class is one of the free cultural classes and clubs provided by MANNAM Volunteer Association.

The students can learn Korean fast with fun!!! The teachers prepare the classes with the best efforts with many activities to draw the best out of the students. And at MANNAM Korean Class, not only you can learn Korean but also you can learn the different cultures with the students from all over the world!!

IMUN korean class provide from several levels from basic to advanced level, and the students will be assigned as per the level test on the first day. Every semester, there will be events and volunteering works so the students can interact with other students in different centers and teachers.

  • Cost: Free (contribution for 10,000won of utility fee per semester requested)
  • Textbook: to be purchased by student
  • Schedule: Saturdays, 10 weeks per semester
  • Location: Bangbae(방배) station line 2
  • Contact:

If you want to learn Korean with the fabulous teachers? Don’t hesitate to join MANNAM Korean Class!!!! 🙂


*** Mannam Korean Class Branches Contacts



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