What is MANNAM and who are the members of MANNAM?
Here are some answers about your questions 🙂

We want to know about MANNAM!

Q) What is the meaning of ‘when light meets light, there is victory’?

A) Every single person is a light and should become a light. As these people who are like light meet, we can defeat the dark world. The MANNAM’s slogan is “when light meets light, there is victory!”

Q) What does MANNAM pursue in its “culture and art service”?

A) MANNAM is well-known for its strong volunteerism and outstanding cultural event planning ability. Delivering donation to the less fortunate is also a service that MANNAM is involved in, however, the delivering messages of hope and love through cultural and art performances is also what MANNAM pursues. Therefore, every MANNAM event is accompanied with an art and cultural performance of high standards.

Q) Why does MANNAM do country-related events?

A) It is very natural to dedicate time and efforts to those we love. As MANNAM loves its country and sincerely appreciates those who sacrificed their lives for the country, it is logical to give our time and effort. We do not see this as sacrifice. The question of “why do you do country-related events?” is equivalent to the question of “why do you love another?”

Q) Question to the Chairwoman of MANNAM: “What does volunteer work mean to you?”

A) I believe that the basic foundation of every ideology is filial piety, and this is not limited to only Korea. When one is dutiful to one’s parent, it is filial piety; when the same devotion is shown to a country, it becomes loyalty; and in religion, it becomes faith. This is based on sacrifice, thinking of others before oneself, which is related to the core mentality and spirit of volunteer service. Service in MANNAM is voluntary and dedicating oneself as he/she is doing work at one’s home, even when picking up garbage on the street. This is the spirit of MANNAM.

Q) What are the future plans of MANNAM?

A) For world peace, there must be the unification of Korea. Every MANNAM member sincerely longs for unification and is concerned with the issue. Hence, during the 65th Anniversary of Korean Independence Day event, MANNAM announced the Declaration of Unification which expresses hope for a true unification of North and South Korea. Also, the Declaration of Unification monument was set in the east and west, where the north is in sight.

Also, as the entire world must cooperate among one another for the unification of Korea, MANNAM will take the lead in forming and evoking the world’s consensus and support. For world peace, MANNAM pursues to become the ambassador of world peace and will host world cultural exchange events.


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