[Session7_2A] 단어설명게임

Let’s see what happens in Mannam Korean 2A Class this week.

Today, we studied some vocabulary what we learned in level 2A with the speed game.



This is how to play this game.


1. First of all, we divide all the students into two teams and the leader of each team comes to the front and looks at their team members.



2. The members in each team need to explain the vocab on the board in Korean.



3.The leader needs to give answers about what their team member explain.


4. After we finish the game, we take the seat again and go over all the right answers as well as mistakes.


This time, there were 3 vocabulary given from the teacher.


“같다(To be the same)”, “도착하다(To arrive)”, “구경하다(To look around/ have a look)”

It is difficult to memorize the new vocabulary always, and even harder to explain them in Korean,

However, it’s great time to study with the fun game which is more productive.


If you practice more for explaining some vocabulary in Korean, your Korean will be improved more quickly.

All the best wishes to who studies Korean language. 🙂


Apr 13, 2013
Mannam Korean Class [Guro Center]


[Session7_3A] Charitable forum marathon, “In the Name of Life” presentation

Today, Shavkat from 3A class made a presentation.

It was about Charity Forum Marathon which is one of the Peace Campaigns in Uzbekistan. It was an excellent and beautiful culture.



* The summary of the presentation

Charitable forum marathon, “In the Name of Life” of Uzbekistan

1. Aim: It is an annual campaign to raise the awareness of women to prevent breast cancer through regular check-up.
2. Activities: It is a International Breast Cancer Union, which holds annually. This started from 2010 Spring. In 2012, 40,000 people gathered for the event and collected $60,000 through the charity. This money was donated to be used for the treatment of women suffering from breast cancer. It is a national marathon which is participated by every member from each social class; kindergardens, primary, middle, and high school students, university students, parents, celebrities and international players.


Due to Shavkat’s fabulous presentation, 3A students were able to know a very good campaign in Uzbekistan. After the presentation, students from diverse countries introduced the campaigns going on in their own countries. It was a very good time to know one another’s culture.

Mar 23, 2013
Mannam Korean Class [Guro Center]

[Session7_Basic] Study Korean with fun Games

Let’s see what happens in Off-line Mannam Korean Basic Class this week.

We have studied so hard, and finally we are able to read and write Korean now.
Today, we will study more for reading, writing and listening some of new vocabulary with whispering game.

Teacher Lynda is explaining the rules of the game to the students.

Phil, Focus! 😛

First of all, we divide all the students into two teams, and the person at the end of the line gets the vocab card from Lynda.

And this person has to whisper the new word to the person in front with whispering. Then the second person needs to whisper again to the person in front of him/her. After keeps whispering and whispering,,

The person at the end has to write down the word that he hears from other people on the board.

After writing down the word, again, he has to go to the end of the line and will be the one who gets the card from teacher.

When everyone has their turn, the game will be finished and Lynda will give us the points.

And the answers of today were,

“곰[gom]:bear/ 말[mal]:horse/ 꽃[kkot]:flower/ 이름[ireum]:name/친구[chin-gu]:friend”

After we finished the game, we sat down again and reviewed over all the right answers as well as mistakes. Studying with the game is much more fun and much easier to memorize new words than just sitting on the chair.

Amazing students of Mannam Korean class!

They rock!! ^_^

Feb 23, 2013
Mannam Korean Class [Guro Center]    

[Session6_1A] Go Inside Mannam Korean Class !

Today, let’s have a look at how the Mannam Korean class students are doing in their classes!
We have looked into the level_1 class!

This is a picture of a friend from Rwanda and a friend of Jacqueline’s from South Africa talking to each other.

These are friends from India who love Korean language. They are busy housewives who have to look after their children and husbands, but they also study Korean very hard.

Paulo from Philippines is also practicing speaking Korean.

After class, the students are having conversation with teachers in Korean, having coffee.

Even after the class, the students enjoy talking to the teachers^^

A primary school teacher Jacqueline from America is memorizing the vocabulary! She is studying so hard that she doesn’t even notice whether her picture is being taken.

Gokula is wiping the white board after the class. Thank you Gokula 🙂

They won’t probably know even until now that their pictures are being taken.

Nov 3, 2012
Mannam Korean Class [Isu Center]

[Session5_1A] Field trip to Namseong(남성) Market

The students of level 1A class and the teacher went to a field trip to Namseong Traditional Korean Market near Isu Station to practice Korean expressions and counters what they learned.
There were so many things in the market, so we were able to see a lot of Korean traditional food and so on.


Students were a little bit nervous and excited because they had to speak in Korean with Korean people.


Rohini was looking at her favorite place.


Ben thought that everything in the market was interesting. And he also bought some seaweed there since it was his favorite.



Rohini asked the owner with the full of confidence.

이게 뭐예요? (What’s this?)
오징어 한 마리 얼마예요? (How much is one squid?)


We all took turns to practice and speak out loud in Korean.
And we also shared how we felt about the field trip afterwards.


The students said that it was very difficult.
But today, we had a great time to study Korean for sure.

1A class Isu Trad Market
May 26, 2012