Spring Session


The registration page for the new winter session is closed!
The registration period is from Oct 16th to Dec 31th.

9th session timetable

Pleas wait for next session.

Bangbae Stn line 2.


For this session, the classes will be held from Jan 4th to Mar 22th, 2014 for 10 weeks
and in our Korean class, there are some policies to be kept and they are:

*Attendance : 2 times of absence without notice OR total 4 times of absence, you will be asked to drop from the class.

*For a certain reason if you need to drop from the class, you need to inform your teacher.
Otherwise, you will not be able to attend the next session.

*There will be a level test for the new comers on the first day of the class for above 1B level.

*There is utility fee of 10,000 won for a semester.
Please bring the utility fee on the first week and give it to your teacher.

*There will be a final exam on the very last day of the class.
Depending on this final exam result, your next level will be decided.

*The teachers will give you homework, please do them as you can learn Korean fast.

Lastly, on the first day of the class(Jan 4), the teachers will provide the short orientation and your attendance count from this day so please mark your calendar now.

Through our Mannam Korean Class,
we really hope that you will learn as much as you can and expand your Korean skills a lot!

If you have any questions, please contact us anytime.

Thank you,
Mannam Korean Class

★ If you have any other questions regarding Korean classes,
please email → mannamkorean@gmail.com




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